“To Be, or Not to Be” in Song

As we approach the famed “To Be, or Not to Be” soliloquy in class, I went searching for some renditions of it on the internet. I came across and decided to post this little number – a youtuber’s adaptation of the speech, put into song.

I thought it’d be good to post this, as it is highly relevant to what I’m looking at for my summative project – a musical composition tied in with the play. I’ve toyed with the idea of putting a soliloquy to music, and this is a fine example of the potential that idea possesses.

I’ll admit, I find her song a touch too cheery for such serious subject matter, but it’s impressive all the same. Most songs aren’t in Iambic Pentameter!

I will definitely post more on my composition as it comes together. I myself am leaning less towards the acoustic folk sound and more towards a choral, atmospheric vibe. I think it could fit well with a soliloquy. Only time will tell!

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1 Response to “To Be, or Not to Be” in Song

  1. I also stumbled across this one as I was trying to find examples for the Creative projects, and agree that the tone of the song is somewhat at odds with the content of the soliloquy. I wonder if it would be possible to write music for the background, but the words be spoken rather than sung?

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