Writer’s Notebook Entry 2 – “She.”

So, this entry is actually a set of lyrics to a song I wrote some three or so years ago. I realize that the lyrics themselves aren’t particularly plentiful, but what is important (and is the part that I like) is the story they tell, the images they conjure. “She” is about, in its most basic form, a girl suffering from depression because she has been taken away from the one place she felt she could be happy (a lakeshore place where she would vacation). The song was loosely based on the withdrawal I would always feel in the week or so after I came home from the band camp I attend every summer (incidentally located by a lake). I wouldn’t go so far as to say I was depressed to the point of being suicidal, but I was always sad to leave.
“She” reflects and intensifies those feelings, projecting them onto a young girl who feels that she can no longer find happiness in her life, and commits the ultimate act against herself.
If one was interested enough, a recording of this song does exist, from around the same time it was written.


loves it here
troubles fade
far away
Eyes can barely
see the world, but when she’s
here, things are clear
Walks down to the
sunny shore
sings along, to her favourite
and it goes:
la-la, la-la-la-la-la
la-la, la la-la-la
la-la, la la-la-la

Before long the
city calls
with its lights
so alive
But to
Her, it is
dark and cold
clouds her eyes, she’s dying

Where is the
peace of mind, she can’t seem to
so she sings:


Soaked in all her
drowns her pain,
her sorrow and shame,
Slowly she
ascends the stairs
to a room, she thought she
As her
Fingers tremble
across the page
a song to all,
in her fall
It goes:
la-la-la-la, la
la-la-la-la, la-la
la-la-la, la

loved it here
wasted away
her favourite
And if you
Walk down to the
moonlit shore
so faintly,
a melody,
And it goes:

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